Why renting your bridal jewellery is convenient than buying them and where to get them from?

Why renting your bridal jewellery is convenient than buying them and where to get them from

Thinking of wedding different and unique on your big day, yet inexpensive? Here’s the list of reasons to opt rental jewellery and where to get the best rental jewellery in Chennai.

Have you seen any Indian wedding without the couple wearing any gold jewellery? Never, it has become a mandate to wear couple of jewellery at least to flaunt. But is buying the wedding jewellery a right decision, given how the current economy is?

For brides, wedding is a dream and the most important event in your life but you have to rethink if you want to spend a fortune. As a bride, you sure have other wedding expenses so to save up more here’s one to consider, RENT A BRIDAL JEWELLERY.

We have put down reasons for you to go for renting a jewellery, and the best place to get them.

A) Save those extra bucks

Conveniently, receptions are meant to be grand and extravagant. So, we see most of the brides go for heavy lehengas with shiny stones and mesmerizing colours, then what other jewellery will add the canon than the chokers.

Let's make some sense of the numbers –

A gold bridal jewellery set costs somewhere around ₹1,50,000 to ₹8,50,000. However, renting from the best rental store would set you back by ₹1,500 to ₹15,000.

The copious amounts of money you will spend could be used for something so much better and meaningful. Sure, you can spend a piece or two of expensive and dazzling real jewels but spare your bank account for that large and chunky bridal jewellery set.

B) Test the waters

What it means is, try different ways to adorn yourself. As a bride-to-be never settle for anything usual, set your own style and become your own stylist. Every fancy thing has a fancier price tag attached to it.

However, if you still don’t want to compromise with design because of your budget then getting bridal jewellery sets on rent in Chennai is a perfect option for you.

C) Mix and Match

21st century is all about trend and fashion is not same anymore, even for brides for that matter.

Every girl likes a little variety, especially when it comes to dressing up for the wedding. Bridal jewellery on rent in Chennai allows you to add variety, make a unique statement on every occasion and never be bored of the same thing again and again.

D) How comfortable to are you in your set?

The amount of stress that a bride handle is immense on the wedding day, above all the clothes and heavy jewellery weights her down even more.

So, when trying your bridal outfit, based on the heaviness go for a lightweight jeweller, which won’t weigh your neck down or cause any discomfort.

While the real gold jewellery is heavy, the one on rent is lighter in weight and comfortable to wear.

With more and more brides turning to rental solutions, the number of brands jumping to explore this opportunity is rising too. Ariyas’s Bridal Set is here for your rescue presents the most top bridal jewellery collections and the leading bridal sets for all your occasions.